The Chef’s Table

By June 4, 2018blog

If you have not seen the Netflix show “Chef’s Table” you really need to, HOWEVER what’s even better, seriously, is having a FRONT ROW SEAT to a real live chef’s table!!! Well at Characters in downtown Edmonton, you can do just that!

This unique dining experience is perfect for aspiring chefs, food lovers, the epicurious and those looking for a little entertainment with their meal. The Chef’s Table places you and three guests right in the heart of the action. Chef Shonn and his staff welcome you to their busy kitchen and will answer your questions along the way. Imagine being able to inquire just why a chef is doing something a certain way. Feeling the actual heat of the flames as the symphony of the kitchen takes place! They are some of the best front row seats in the city of Edmonton!

Just like a sporting event there is something awesome about being really close to the action! Chef Shonn welcomes you to take that seat in his kitchen where you can see all of the intricacies involved in each and every artistic dish from the mind of Chef Shonn Oborowsky!

We really believe that this is such a great experience for you and your friends! Take the friends from out of town to a front row show they will never forget! Also the chef’s table is estequally very cool! With its copper counter top and high top chairs allowing you to see right into the front line of the kitchen itself!

Don’t hesitate, the Spring 2018 menu is already in place for you at Characters Restaurant in Edmonton, Alberta, pre-book your seats asap! Chef Shonn and his entire team look forward seeing you sit in the front row of Characters at their next dinner service!

For general inquiries, or to book a private dining room, please email or call 780-421-4100.

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