Symphony of cuisine to the Canadian culinary stage

By October 12, 2018blog

Downtown Edmonton’s finest, restaurant experience.  For over 20 years, Chef Shonn Oborowsky has brought an eclectic symphony of cuisine to the Canadian culinary stage.

Fall is upon us, which means that the new set menus have arrived for Fall 2018.  Inviting soups and rich, seasonal roast vegetables complement the vast menu of wild game, seafood, Alberta beef, Quebec veal, and other artisanal mains.  Chef Shonn creates these dishes with his worldly flair.

Swap your crisp light ales and summer cocktails for a single malt beverage, featuring Glennfiddich’s Rare Collection 1937, celebrating the year of King George VI’s coronation.  Warm, botanic gins and clean vodka’s make for the perfect aperitif.  Characters also features Sassicaia, an award winning, world-renown Bordeaux-style Super Tuscan.

A short venture away from plenty of Edmonton’s booming downtown night scene, and open late- perfect for a dessert or nightcap.

Many seem to forget that fine dining is available at lunch as well.  A set menu lunch, or a standard menu lunch is available for that escape from the office, or as a start to an amazing day.

Characters has been the pillar of quality ever since its inception.  A restaurant that prides itself as having a champagne selection- second to none, and an on-hand sommelier, Michael Lefevre, who will take you on a guided tour through the 400+ selections, featuring verticals of the aforementioned Sassicaia, as well as its worthy adversary, Tignanello.

Classic meets contemporary, with the culinary vision of a well-travelled auteur-de-cuisine, Chef Shonn and co. will collect your senses, sous vide them in a vacuum sealed bag, complete with seasonal aromatics, and then braise them in a brown butter.  Characters Fine Dining is the essential escape from the ordinary.  Canadian, world inspired fusion that seduces your palate, urging you to reserve another table, the moment you put on your coat and walk into the brisk autumn air.

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