It’s all in the ingredients Characters Restaurant

By February 14, 2018Uncategorized

If you have not experienced fresh, you need to do yourself a favour and find somewhere that knows how to give you fresh and heading to the big chain supermarket is not where fresh typically comes from… Finding the best grade of food, like cooking, can be an art form, and fortunately for us, Chef Shonn Oborowsky at Characters Restaurant has the art of feeding us FRESH.

If you follow Chef Shonn on a Saturday morning you will be sure to head down a busy street where fresh fruit and vegetable vendors come and market their locally sourced produce. The smell is that of nature, and Chef Shonn examines the colour, texture, smell, and taste of each ingredient he is about to turn into a vibrant work of art on a plate.

When you enjoy Characters restaurant you get the quality you deserve because there really isn’t another option to Chef Shonn, and it immediately translates to the plate and then to the palate. This level of freshness is incredibly rare in this part of the world and we are extremely lucky to have it at this level in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

With Valentine’s day here, be sure to book Valentine’s week so you too can experience the level of expertise that Chef Shonn gives you with every single course that comes out of his kitchen, you will not be disappointed!

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