The Cities Most Romantic ELEVATOR!

By February 7, 2018Uncategorized

The Cities Most Romantic ELEVATOR!

When thinking of a romantic spot for dinner, one might think of Paris, or Venice, maybe the Hills of Switzerland, Niagara Falls, or Old Quebec City. But you most likely would not think that one of the most romantic places in the City of Edmonton is actually an ELEVATOR!

Characters Restaurant in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada boasts the Cities Top chef, Shonn Oborowsky, his artistic take on mouth watering cuisine leaves you satisfied and inspired after every meal. But beyond the food, and too rarely talked about, is the beautiful dining room that Chef Shonn creates in!

Even deeper is an incredibly unique table for 2 located in, you guessed it, an old elevator car! Of course this is decked out in the restaurants theme, but the top-down sliding doors can lock you and your date away on an incredibly romantic evening! In fact MANY people have discovered this gem, and there have even been wedding proposals in the elevator!

That would be a great way to tell the story of your engagement “Yes, He proposed to me in and ELEVATOR!” Give Characters a call and reserve the elevator for your next big date! Be sure to mention if you are planning to pop the big question!!!

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