Characters Restaurant, The Art of Dining

By January 2, 2018Uncategorized

What if I told you that you have a famous artist, sports athlete, musician, downtown offering to show you what they did in an up close, personal look? You would probably love to experience that right? Well guess what, the city of Edmonton Alberta has one of today’s top chefs, creating works of art, for YOU to experience NOW. So why haven’t you left yet?

Chef Shonn Oborowsky began his culinary education at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology’s School of Hospitality and Culinary Arts. In pursuit of his culinary dreams, Shonn traveled the globe to work and study. His stops ranged from Hawaii to Switzerland, where he finished his formal education at Centre International de Glion in Bulle.

But knowing a bit of back story really does not say enough. Creativity is where this culinary experience begins, passion is where the creativity starts to form, and vision is how all of that becomes a reality. To explain the level of genius that goes into every dish at Characters restaurant could fill books, it is revolutionary, it is truly an experience.

Chef Shonn is a visionary, he sketches what his mind sees into his notebook, studying the images he looks for those ingredients, not any will do, they must fulfill his vision. Working like an artist he formulates and prepares the piece, and finally his grand reveal, it is set on the table to be enjoyed, by you.

It is time for you to have an Experience at Characters Restaurant. Be one that experiences the mind of an artist come to life before your eyes!

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